We produce different printing lenticular production from business cards and postcards to wide-format lenticular printing.

   We provide a total cycle of printing lenticular production from creating a 3D-project to finished products:

  • Creation of lenticular pictures using multi view angle shooting (= 3D shooting : with step-by-step moving) from 36 to 144 frames.
  • Creation of lenticular pictures using 2D-3D conversion.
  • Creation of lenticular pictures by 3D-modelling (using special three-dimensional modelling programs).
  • Extensive work experience and own total cycle production since 2002.
  • You can see all samples of lenticular printing in our showroom or on our website.



To your attention:

 A service for producing 3D lenticular images from your digital photos. The format of printing is from 450x580mm to 1180mm (w) x 1950mm (h). The producing include such stages as preparing a) file for lenticular printing from a flat image, printing an encoded image on an EPSON 11880 Pro printer, with subsequent rolling to the lenticular sheet through double-side optically transparent tape.

Sample of production:

The cost is calculated individually when submitting a photo.

  The production of lenticular promotional gifts on order.

 Multi-angle shooting (= 3D shooting : with step-by-step moving) on individual order with further production of lenticular printing.

  Lenticular printing from the customer's coded files.

 For 3D-artists who work in 3D-Max and other 3-dimensional modeling programs, we offer lenticular printing your 3D-images.


  We PRODUCE  the full range of 3D lenticular products: see on the website


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